Office of the Hospitaler


The Society as a whole, each kingdom, and each local group within a kingdom all have a standard group of officers with titles loosely based on medieval equivalents.

Ceremonial Officers

  • King & Queen  Each SCA kingdom is "ruled" by a king and queen chosen by winning a Crown Tournament in armored combat.  Each reign lasts approximately 6 months.
  • Prince & Princess  3 months before the end fo the previous reign a new crown tournament is held   the winner of the torunament is crowned prince with his chosen consort title princess
  • Landed Baron & Baroness Serve their local baronies and act as the representative of the crown to the local populace.  They are appointed by the crown with input from the barony.   They serve for an undetermined amount of time.  Usually around 4 years.

Administrative Officers

  • Seneschal: The seneschal acts as the administrative head of the group. Every local group is required to have a seneschal who reports to the kingdom's seneschal.
  • Chancellor of the Exchequer or Reeve: The treasurer, who handles the financial matters of the group. Every local group is required to have one. The Society Chancellor of the Exchequer, who administrates the kingdom and local reeves, reports to the Society Treasurer who handles the corporate finances.
  • Knight Marshal: The combat supervisor, the knight marshal administrates all combat activities for the branch, including armored combat, rapier combat, archery and equestrian. A local group is required to have one in order to host combat activities.
  • Minister of Arts and Sciences: This office coordinates arts and sciences activities for the group, arranging classes and demonstrations, and leading participants to others who work in fields of their interest.
  • Herald: This officer is in charge of heraldic activities, such as the creation and registration of names and arms. Each kingdom has a College of Heralds which prepares submissions to go to the Society College of Arms, headed by the Laurel Sovereign of Arms.
  • Hospitaller: In charge of welcoming and facilitating new participants into the SCA including recruiting, onboarding, and transitioning members from other branches.  In other kingdoms they are known as Chatalain(e)
  • Chronicler: Produces and edits the group's newsletter. The Society Chronicler monitors each of the kingdom and local group's chroniclers, while the SCA's two organization-wide publications, Tournaments Illuminated and The Compleat Anachronist, each have their own editor-in-chief.
  • Minister of Children: Arranging and officiating children's activities. Sometimes known as Minister of Youth.
  • Historian: Recording the history of the group, from the local to the Society level.
  • Webminister: Derived from webmaster, this officer is in charge of maintaining the Internet presence of the group.