Office of the Hospitaler

Arts and Sciences

Crafting is one of the most common activities in the Society! Our artisans study and create works from nearly every type of craft from the Middle Ages. Collectively, we call the study of the various production, research, and performing crafts, "arts and sciences." At many Society events, you will be able to watch artisans recreating these crafts and often take classes and workshops where you can learn to do them yourself. Some of our events are entirely dedicated to demonstrating and learning medieval crafts!
Construction Crafts

Construction crafts play a big role in our activities. Many of the pieces of armor that you see our combatants wearing were handcrafted by those same combatants or other artisans in the Society and the handiwork of the construction crafts adorn nearly every facet of Society life.
Leathercraft is a very common activity, both those projects that end up in completed pieces of armor and other more artistic endeavors such as leather costume components, pouches, and other accessories.
Metalwork and casting are also common crafting pursuits, from the platesmithing and mailsmithing that results in metal armor to beautifully cast jewelry and coins made of pewter and silver to ornate coronets and crowns worn by our nobility.
Woodwork in the Society creates a multitude of useful and beautiful items, from simple and functional chairs and boxes to hand-tooled medallions and signs, to intricately fashioned thrones and even full castle facades and buildings.

Sciences and Other Arts

Many Society members explore a varied list of sciences as they recreate the Middle Ages. These sciences include botany, astronomy, stillroom crafts, cartography, siege engineering and physics, mathematics, languages, and many more. Some of the most fascinating classes and workshops found at Society events are on topics as varied as charting the heavens with an astrolabe to creating your own tallow candles.
The fine arts and more are also well represented in the SCA. Many Society members take up painting and drawing as their chosen pursuit and produce beautiful works of art from Renaissance-style portraits to triptychs portraying medieval life. Members study stained glass and glassblowing, sculpture, wirework, and more as they recreate every aspect of the Middle Ages.
There are literally hundreds of arts and sciences you could take up in the SCA. Even more than watching others perform these crafts, the highest importance is placed on sharing the knowledge behind them with others who want to learn. If you see someone doing or working on something that interests you, just ask!

Performance Arts

Bards and minstrels of the SCA perform a wide variety of music from the Middle Ages, from sprightly Renaissance dancing tunes to beautiful, medieval choral works and everything in between. Our performers also write and perform a great deal of original music composed in the spirit of the Middle Ages, ranging from marching anthems for their kingdoms to bardic ballads about beloved figures. The voice has been used in performance for thousands of years and many of the instruments that we still play today have their roots in the medieval ensemble. It is not uncommon to hear the strings of a guitar or the lilt of a recorder around any given campfire.