Office of the Hospitaler


The SCA has an elaborate system of rank, awards, and honors to reward participants’ accomplishments and service to the Society. Everyone is presumed to be minor nobility when they join the SCA, but any noble titles or honors used in the SCA must be earned in the SCA. These honors are bestowed by the King and Queen during their Royal Courts. You will find that the SCA’s system of rank differs rather radically from that of Europe during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Like many of the SCA’s institutions, our system of rank wasn’t so much planned as evolved.

The people wearing crowns are the reigning Kings and Queens. The heirs to the kingdom, the Prince and Princess, wear coronets which are usually a little less elaborate. In principalities, the reigning Prince and Princess wear coronets, as do their heirs.  King and Queens are addressed as "Your majesty"  Prince and princess are addressed as "Your Highness"
Royal peers

After departing the thrones, former royalty become Royal Peers: Viscounts and Viscountesses (those who ruled principalities), Counts and Countesses (those who have reigned once as King or Queen), and Dukes and Duchesses (those who have reigned twice or more as King or Queen). The different Royal Peers are entitled to wear coronets in a specific style.
Baron and Baroness   

Another group of people entitled to wear coronets are Barons and Baronesses. there are two types   Territorial and Court.   Territorial barons are in charge of a local are whereas court barons are granted the rank by the crown.   Both are addressed as your excellency

Peers of the realm 

Individuals who, through talent, hard work, and long effort, have earned recognition for their contributions and skills. There are four peerage orders. 

The Order of Chivalry (or Order of Knighthood) - 

Companionship in the Order of Chivalry is granted those who have excelled in Armored Combat.
The Order of Chivalry contains two different branches.

  • Knights (KSCA): Swears fealty to the crown, wears a white belt and chain.  They are addressed as Sir or Dame
  • Master of Arms (MSCA): Is not required to swear fealty to the crown, wears a white baldric.  They are  addressed as Master or Mistress.

The  Order of the Laurel  -

 Companionship in s of the Order of the Laurel is granted to craftsmen and artisans recognized for their research and skill in crafts practiced during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and their willingness to teach those skills to others.   Members of this order are referred to Masters and Mistresses of  the Laurel

The Order of the Pelican  

Companionship in the Order of the Pelican is granted to those whose service has made a great difference to the SCA. Companions include those who have run Society-wide publications, organized our largest events, held kingdom offices, and managed complicated finances. Members of this order are referred to Masters and Mistresses of the Pelican.

The Order of Defense 

Companionship in the Order of Defense is granted to those who have excelled in rapier or cut-and-thrust combat. Members of this order are referred to Masters and Mistresses of Defense.

The above ranks are common to all the SCA Kingdoms. Each kingdom also has its own set of awards and honors that can be given to reward a variety of skills, efforts, and achievements.