Office of the Hospitaler

Developing Your Persona

What is a Persona

Participants in the SCA create historically plausible characters known individually as persona.   To new members, a persona can simply be a costume and a name used for weekend events, while other members may study and create an elaborate personal history. The goal of a well-crafted persona is a historically accurate person who might have lived in a particular historical time and place. The Herald's Office can  assist members in creating a persona name appropriate to a particular time and place within the SCA. However, claiming to be a specific historical individual, especially a very familiar one (e.g. Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Henry Plantagenet, Queen Elizabeth I), is not permitted. Likewise, one is not allowed to claim the persona of a fellow SCA member, alive or dead. Nor is one allowed to take on the persona of a sufficiently familiar fictional character (e.g. Robin of Locksley/Robin Hood)


Participants all wear clothing appropriate to the middle ages. This is usually referred to as garb.  The SCA requires that all participants attending an event make an attempt at period clothing.  During your first event the Hospitaler's office has loaner garb known as gold key available.   these costumes will allow you to attend the event without making or purchasing garb.  There are many resources available to help you make appropriate clothing.  A link to a simple pattern is available in the Resources page.


Any member of the society may apply to register a name and device for their persona, which are checked by the heralds for uniqueness and period authenticity, before being blazoned and recorded in the society's Armorial. The system has evolved since the formation of the society.